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Enable TRIM on SSD in Lion

UPDATE: Can use Trim Enabler

TRIM is great feature of SSD to keep SSDs to have high performance. But apple only enable this feature for apple SSD on Lion, so TRIM support isn’t enabled in my intel X25-m G2 SSD on Lion. Enable this feature for non-apple SSDs easy, but you must make sure your SSD support TRIM.

Pausable Chronometer Widget

I’ve been developing a gobang game this week and I want to have a stop watcher to record the time that player used in one set. I googled that chronmoneter widget provides the stop-watch function. But after I developed a time watcher, I found that chronometer is not functional as I expected. The “stop” method doesn’t really pause/stop the timer and it just stop showing the timer. So I googled again, but I didn’t find a good solution. Then I decided to develop one and the code is as follow:

Aron’s IPtables and OpenVPN, L2TP Over IPsec

Manually setting up a stable and security iptable rules is really diffcult, but fortunately we have arno’s iptables firewall. I have set up the firewall in serval linux machines which I maintained before. Now I want to set up firewall in my linode which provides OpenVPN, L2TP over IPSec and httpd services. Creating iptable rules for httpd is easy, but it’s little more complicated for openvpn and L2TP over IPSec.